A Guide to Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance, offering both a cash value and a death benefit. It offers numerous tax benefits and is often considered to be a combination of a life insurance policy and an investment; it can pay dividends, be cashed out, and offers a guaranteed death benefit at the same time. How Does Universal […]

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A Cozy New Rug Collection

Hello friends! Praise be, the election is over and I just marked my birthday over the weekend – my official holiday season milestone. Whenever the calendar passes November 8, I feel like I can finally turn 100% of my attention to all things holiday. Obviously, the holidays are going to…

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Life Insurance Myths Debunked

Misconceptions and misunderstandings have perpetuated a number of life insurance myths over the years and prevented consumers from getting the cover they need. They see life insurance as something that it’s not, believing it to be out of their reach because of their lifestyle and their budget, or believing that it’s something it’s not. If you have dependents, want them […]

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A September State of Mind

Hi friends. So sorry to go completely MIA on you. Between attempting online school with a five-year-old, much of California burning to the ground, and the general state total chaos in which we find ourselves, getting to the computer for any length of time has been a bit of challenge,…

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