How Much Does It Cost to File for Bankruptcy? – Lexington Law

How much does it cost to file for bankruptcy? It depends on many factors, including which chapter you’re filing. Find out more in this guide.


Public Records on Credit Reports

Learn what public records are, which ones can appear on your credit report and what changes have been implemented for public records by the credit bureaus.


Increasing Your Savings on a Low-Income Salary

A low-income salary can create challenges when it comes to reaching your financial goals. You may want to take a vacation, buy a new car, or just put some cash away for a rainy day, but how can you do that with a limited income? Although you may struggle to add to your savings, there […]

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Enough Is Never Enough: Americans Weigh In on How to Help Those Struggling Financially During Pandemic – Lexington Law

We surveyed 3,000 Americans to get a better idea of their thoughts on how to aid those who have lost income due to the pandemic. Here, we dive into the results.


Start-Up Business Loan Options

Are you starting a new business? If so, here you can learn all about the different options you have when it comes to start-up business loans.


What Credit Score Do You Need To Lease a Car?

When you are considering leasing a car, your credit history and credit score are critical determinants on whether or not you get approved and the kind of deal you get. Scores of 720 and over translate to the best terms. As the scores get lower, the terms of the lease get less and less favorable. […]

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