This Nashville Treehouse Will Drench You in Light – House of the Week


Somewhere in East Nashville - at the intersection of windows and woodwork - you’ll find something wonderful.

That’s exactly what Sloane Southard and Emily Leonard Southard intended when they imagined a guesthouse on a tree-filled piece of land in the city they love.

“Sloane and I designed it together, and he built it,” said Emily, a painter and artist. “[Sloane] owns a home restoration company, called The Standard Sash, that specializes in windows, which is why we used so many salvaged windows in the design.”

Photo by Laura Dart.

Stunning vintage windows fill every wall of the tiny home, which is perched a few feet above the ground. There’s a peekaboo skylight overlooking a vintage wrought-iron bed the couple picked up from the Nashville Flea Market. A plant hangs from above.

Photo by Laura Dart.

Emily, an artist for more than 15 years, filled the space with her work, including the floor murals.

Photo by Laura Dart.

The duo added other vintage touches to the home they lovingly call The Fox House. There’s a weathered turquoise trunk that serves as a coffee table and a Mid-Century Modern couch in the perfect shade of 1950s green. 

Photo by Laura Dart.

There’s little more to the home beyond books, a patio and a writing desk. (Relaxation is the story you’ll want to write here.)

Outside, there’s a hammock and string lights, which glow as the sun sets on the space. With deer, birds and squirrels for neighbors, you might catch a passing glimpse at a fawn grazing on some grass.

Photo by Laura Dart.

The home is currently available as a short-term rental.

Photo by Laura Dart.

Top image by Laura Dart.


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